Anna Champagne

Color Healing: Using Color and Divine Qualities as Embodied by Angels

Presentation: This presentation will cover Color Healing, and my color healing system of colors associated with divine qualities as embodied by Angels. Color healing is a vibrational energy healing modality, also known as energy medicine. The conscious use of color clears energetic blocks that are in the way of what people want to create in their lives. I help people with deep healing of the emotional body, to access higher states of consciousness, and for greater clarity, love, abundance, joy, peacefulness and more. This helps with meditation, spirituality, personal / business, relationships, health and wealth. Color surrounds us in all aspects of our lives, affecting us emotionally. We are energetic beings, and since colors are the energetic frequencies of light, our bodies respond. As an energetic healing modality, the informed application of color frequencies supports the balancing of our health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My system of working with colors / rays of light frequencies corresponds to emotional qualities or states of consciousness such as love, compassion, courage, clarity and wisdom. When we focus on a specific color and allow it into our energy field, it can reinforce energetic pattern of the desired quality.

Bio: Anna Champagne is a Professional Fiber Artist, Designer and Color Healer with degrees in textiles and interior design. She also has trained extensively in the holistic healing field. She is the owner of A Path of Beauty and Anna Champagne Silks, hand painting luxurious silk scarves and shawls in vibrant, healing colors and enriching people’s lives with her silks, inspirational writings and healing sessions. I help people heal emotional patterns that no longer serve, to access higher states of consciousness, greater clarity, joy, love and abundance. I do this through my hand painted, color healing silks and healing sessions. For more information go to and My first article on Color Healing was published last year in Energy Magazine, a prestigious publication in