Erich Habich-Traut


Evidence for Life after Death

Presentation: From my unique vantage point of recalling NDE, BBE, uterine as well as pre-uterine events, I submit the following: “death” is not defined as the point when the bodies brain or heart stops working. It is rather the ‘soft death’ of amnesia that humans endure. At exitus one is still is aware of oneself. Not in the body, but as a disembodied EM-field. At the start of our birth however, the memories of most individuals are reset. The cause of this amnesia may be birth trauma. Full erasure of memory does not appear to be universal, as many can recall uterine memories. I hypothesize that the incorporeal soul resides in an electromagnetic field that in ordinary circumstances is tied to the EM-field of the body. Strong physical or emotional trauma or diseases may break this connection. The soul is comprised of electromagnetic quanta, the unit of which are photons.

Bio: Eric is currently studying neuro-anatomy and neural diseases as part of a course to become a medical massage therapist. They are very thorough with their training in Germany and Eric would never have thought that he would have to learn anatomy down to the molecular level to knead someone’s muscles. He originally trained as a printer including the old typesetting system when he was 15, then he worked as freelance photographer for a newspaper in Berlin, worked as self-employed electrician in Ireland, web designer, inventing street view before Google, became print shop manager in London and the last 13 years worked as doorman and receptionist in a chemical plant in Germany, before founding a union. Now his career changed drastically due to the fact 2.5 years ago a great change happened, when he remembered my NDE. Since then he has discovered an old whale steamer in Greenland using remote sensing techniques. His expedition team stayed at Arctic Station of the University of Copenhagen for the duration, receiving TV and print coverage. Using the same techniques in conjunction with Joachim Seifert, he believes he has discovered the lost city of Akkad, which is a magnitude larger. It is his impression that this find is so big, that nobody wants to know about it. The co-discoverer has however expressed an interest in joining his in an expedition to Iraq. A magnitude bigger than Akkad however is my evidence for the afterlife, that I have discovered as irrefutable proof (due to verification) on the shroud of Turin. When he was 7 in 1971 he had a NDE, before NDE’s were widely known by the public. Since then I have written down my experience, as well as his pre-birth memories. Salvador Dali called those memories ‘intra-uterine experiences’ in his autobiography. This will be his first presentation