Jim Beichler

Spirituality and consciousness in light of their physical context: Neurocosmology 101

Description: This seminar/workshop will delve more deeply into and look more closely at the theoretical basis of the physical model involved, a theory of unification called single (operational) field theory or SOFT. It will also cover the biological and mental consequences of the new concept of a semi-physical pre-consciousness potential field that exists collectively in the discrete points of space (which has emerged logically from reworking the Big Bang model with respect to the new theory) on living organisms, including explanations of the survival of consciousness as a viable entity after death, the physics of paranormal phenomena, health and healing and their relationship to individual consciousness, collective consciousness, the relationship between Cosmic Consciousness and individual consciousness and how a separate but connected Cosmic Consciousness, if it exists, could manifest in our physical /material world through the human brain. All these topics would be open for discussion among the attendees after the theoretical basis of these concepts is explained. This Workshop will cover nearly everything, if not everything, that the ASCSI is about as an academic organization.

The Revolution in Spirituality and Consciousness:
The inner workings of the primal cosmic mish-mash which yields our senses of spirit, consciousness and our interpretations of nature/physics

Presentation: Different groups of scientists are claiming or ‘suggesting’ that our final physical reality and/or our consciousness could be time, bits, a hologram, a computer program, information, 1s and 0s, mathematics, or some other intangible quantity while many consciousness scientists and philosophers suggest that human consciousness might be time, bits, a hologram, a computer program, information, 1s and 0s, mathematics, or some other intangible quality. They are making these ridiculous claims independent of each other because each group is facing their own inabilities to move forward and they are both grasping at straws, in this case the same straws. They are all demonstrating the muddler of ideas that precedes a scientific revolution. But in this case the revolution in science will coincide with an evolutionary leap in human consciousness that is driven top-down by consciousness and our realization of the existence of a higher 4th spatial dimension in which our ‘higher’ consciousness, higher self or Buddha nature already exists.

Bio: Professor Beichler has been teaching Physics, Mathematics, the History and Philosophy of Science and European History as well as other related subjects at the university and college level for more than four decades. He earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Paraphysics in 1999 from the Union Institute and University. He is conducting theoretical research in Cosmology and advanced physics to unify all of physics as well as physics of the brain (from the neural correlates of consciousness and physics of the neural net to whole-brain cognition or coherence) to explain human consciousness and spirituality. He accomplishes this through a completed version of Einstein’s unified field theory, which he calls single field theory or SOFT. He has written and published several books as well as more than seventy articles on these and related subjects. Nearly all his published material and information on his other publications can be found and downloaded from “https://vetha.academia.edu/JimBeichler”. Dr. Beichler has recently been elected President of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc (ascsi.org), through which he hopes to further his cause of raising human consciousness, individually and collectively, to the level of spiritual enlightenment.