John Kruth

Does My Computer Know When I’m Angry?

Presentation: Physicist Wolfgang Pauli was well known for the negative effects he had on electronic equipment, and when people have unexplained effects on electronics, it has come to be known as the Pauli Effect. Software testers and developers often relate anecdotes about people who break computer systems and others who seem to make them run better, but why would this happen? John has been studying how consciousness and intention can affect the world around us, including affecting the electronic equipment that has become so prevalent in our lives. This presentation will discuss research on unexplained mind-matter interactions, especially interactions that appear to be the result of unconscious activities and emotions. From a formal investigation of a 21st Century Poltergeist to a recent controlled laboratory study that examined the effects of mood and emotion on working computer systems, there are carefully defined and examined situations where it appears that electronics react to the mood of people around them.

Bio: John Kruth is the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center ( and the Founder and Education Director of the Rhine Education Center ( His 20+ years of professional technology experience and 8+ years as a professional researcher provide a unique insight into the integration of technology and parapsychological research. His research includes explorations into psychic healing, the energy behind psychokinesis, measurements of biophotons (ultraviolet light) from energy healers, applications of remote viewing for investments, and poltergeist activity and other unconscious effects on electronic devices.