Laura Jackson Loo

The Evolution of Consciousness in The New Paradigm

Presentation: As a national speaker, she provides a holistic approach by bridging Edgar Cayce’s readings and ancient prophecies with modern science and quantum physics. Called the “Connect-the-Dots Lady,” Rev. Laura shares how many ancient prophecies have foretold modern times and humanity’s evolutionary leap, happening in this very moment. She paints a beautiful mosaic by interweaving ancient prophecies and Edgar Cayce’s readings with current geophysical activity, the new world of quantum physics, future visioning, and viewing it all through a metaphysical lens, i.e., looking at the deeper meaning.

BIO: Rev. Laura Jackson Loo is a nationally-recognized speaker on Earth Changes, Ancient Prophecies, Metaphysics, New Paradigm Community, New Paradigm Business, and more. She is a speaker, author, consultant, soul coach and musician who has been featured in print, and on radio and television. Since 2008, Rev. Laura speaks monthly at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) on Prophecy, Earth Changes, Meditation and Edgar Cayce on the New Era. Through her work she shares how you can transcend the rapid and ‘surface’ global changes and step into a whole new world filled with infinite possibilities. The ultimate question is not what is happening (to you) but what are you ready to co-create in ‘The New Era’! “Rev. Jackson Loo’s insightful, joyful and heart-centered approach seamlessly reconnects people to their hearts, to Source, and to an optimistic vision for the New Era.” For more, visit