Lee Lawrence

Neuroscience of Prayer: A Meta-Analysis and More

Presentation: Studies relating to prayer have been difficult to validate due to the many influencing variables and the intangibility of consciousness.  Thus, most research has been correlation studies comparing prayer with expectation of result such as healing.  The increased utilization of neuroimaging tools has added additional insight but has not resulted in finding the missing link that provides an evidence-based understanding of how prayer works and why it often does not work. This talk reviews both the correlation studies and the evidence-based neuroimaging studies and brings them together with a greater understanding of the “Science of Consciousness” and how prayer works. The result of this research has led to a greater understanding of personality development, mental illness, physical illness, psychosomatic medicine, gender identity issues including sexual preferences, learning disabilities, relationship attraction, and a scientific understanding of the teachings and sacred texts of many of the world’s religions.

Bio: Lee Lawrence has developed techniques that demonstrate beyond any doubt that the human soul or spirit exists and explains the soul’s structure and its functions. Lee was a Tax Law Professor, Certified Public Accountant, Litigation Consultant, and business entrepreneur prior to a death experience from meningitis that changed his life and perception of reality in 1988.  He subsequently changed his career path by obtaining a degree in psychology and has been performing neuroscience research for over twenty years as a tool to understand human consciousness.