Marsha Walters

Conscious Connection with the Unified Quantum Field

Description: The recent rise in spontaneous healings and dramatic shifts into higher states of consciousness raises questions concerning the relationship between the unified quantum field and human consciousness. We show how basic quantum field principles could explain interactions between human consciousness and the quantum field. Following a general introduction to the quantum field, we consider the role of the heart and the mind of the individual interacting with the quantum field. We consider the importance of the love vibration of the heart and a relaxed, focused mind in accessing the quantum field. Once the field is accessed by human consciousness, an energetic rapport is established through which healing at multiple levels can occur.

Bio: Dr. Marsha Walters works at the nexus of science and spirituality, as a spiritual scientist and teacher, ordained minister, and spiritual healer. Marsha’s purpose is to empower people with an in-depth knowledge of how to blend physics and spirit to create life-transforming miracles. Through her company, Life Transforming Technologies, Marsha assists those who choose to transform their lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her work respects all religions and our deep connection with one God. Dr. Walters has studied extensively, gaining a broad understanding of both traditional sciences and metaphysical and esoteric teachings. Marsha’s expertise combines her Masters’ degree in Physics, and B.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, with less traditional explorations of how the invisible manifests as the visible. Marsha has studied many religious, spiritual, and healing traditions with noted teachers and healers, including Drunvalo Melchizidek, Gregg Braden, Dr. Michael Ulm, and the Mystery School at The Summit Lighthouse. Marsha is available for speaking engagements at churches, temples, and spiritual study centers.