Miles Edward Allen

Sex After Death

Presentation: To experience sexual congress after death, several conditions must exist. The human personality (spirit) must survive the demise of the physical body, it must occupy some other form having gender features, and that form must exist within a space/time continuum alongside other such spirit forms, among whom at least one shares a desire for sexual intimacy. It is the contention of the speaker that all the necessary conditions do exist and can be experienced, at least by some people, some of the time. In support of said contention, the following are presented: First, a brief citation of especially convincing evidence for survival and the proof thereof. Second, an overview of the ‘astral’ plane, along with a consideration of how invisible dimensions might exist within a single universe. How would such a world differ from a dream? This is followed by testimony (via mediums) describing various forms of sexual intimacy that spirits have or can experience. In conclusion, the question is addressed: What does all this mean for our attitudes and actions in our current physical life?

Bio: Miles Edward Allen is the author of numerous books, including The Afterlife Confirmed: Even more convincing evidence from the Afterlife Files, on both spiritual and sexual topics. He is the creator and keeper of the Afterlife Files (, but no longer maintains that webpage. However, it is still unique and an invaluable asset for anyone studying or researching the possible reality of the afterlife. Allen is currently engrossed in developing Spirits at Play (, a website devoted to freeing mankind from the burden of “The Most Insidious Lies.” He has served on the Board of the Academy and was instrumental in designing its current website, which he now helps to maintain.