Nora Ruebrook

When the invisible and visible worlds speak to each other what language do they speak? Lifes Code©.

Presentation: All of life’s twist and turns fit together when understood they allow for synchronicity to be recognized. Once the flow of synchronicity is recognized the first portal to consciousness occurs. Once the mind can open it begins to remember and then opens our human emotions to unconditional acceptance and life as a whole starts to make sense. So, how does everything fit together? How does one person see a pattern, and another is not yet ready to see a pattern? What roles to your acts and omissions play in our awakening? An aware person understands their purpose and destination. Our aim is to show patterns of an individual’s life past -present-future and to assist them on the path to Consciousness and the infinite universe

Bio: Nora Ruebrook, Chief Lifes Code© Equationist at Intergrative Quantum Intelligence©, “IQ Int” and has been in the Operations and Intelligence fields for over 30 years and specializes in Human Performance Intelligence and Predictive Intelligence. Clients include the DOD, Unified Combatant Commands, and numerous Government agencies. Her aim is to use Lifes Code© to open an additional platform for people to recognize and discover patterns in their life. The alchemy of the universe translates in to a Lifes Code©, which is basically equal to the line that separates the two sides in the Tai Chi (Taijitu) symbol, as it connects to the outer circle when we take the time to recognize and understand the code it allows us to move collectively forward!