Rev. Bob Trowbridge

Overcoming Limitations: The Amazing Power of the Mind
with Rev. Bob Trowbridge

Description: Bob will talk about the many ways in which human beings have overcome impossible limitations, including some of his own experiences. There will be exercises designed to help the attendees overcome some of their limitations and open themselves to a grander vision and version of the self. By recognizing that we live in a sea of energy, we can be empowered to use that thought-energy more consciously to heal ourselves, to better our lives, and to better our world. If reality is an illusion and this illusion is created by our own minds, then physical reality is fluid, both the future and the past. If the mind creates our experiences, then the mind can create anything, without limits. Even those who accept this philosophy seldom take it to its extreme. If there are no limitations to what the mind can create, then the only limitations are those things that we cannot imagine. Anything we can imagine, we can theoretically create. Those who do energy work are aware that everything is energy. The body is energy and that energy can be worked with, moved, expanded, redirected. Others will say that everything is vibration, just another form of energy. Everything is also consciousness or spirit. Thoughts are themselves energetic. Our thoughts represent a form of energy that can interact with and impact other energies in the physical realm and change them. Physicists tell us that there is more space than stuff. Our bodies and everything in our reality is mostly space with very little stuff. All of reality is more fluid than we realize, and we can work with that fluidity to create the world and the life that we desire.