Richard Amoroso

A Physics of Mind: Theoretical and Empirical Pathways to Enlightenment Across the Multi-Dimensional Barrier.

Description: With the recent experimental discovery of additional dimensions beyond the 3D reality we observe; the quantum principle will no longer be a barrier to engineering actual ‘Conscious Technologies’. This means the 1st-person 3rd-person barrier (access to content of other minds) will be systematically open to entanglement with conscious machines. This scientific discovery will inspire seekers after enlightenment to follow a straightforward path to transcendent experience. Epistemology (Theory of knowledge) has evolved from myth and superstition in the dark ages, to logic and reason formulated by the Greeks, to the current age of empiricism founded by Galileo; and now to the brink of completing the tools of epistemology with the acquisition of transcendent abilities by anyone willing to invest sufficient effort in following a verified recipe.

Bio: Richard is author of 30 books, and several 100 academic papers/chapters some in 5 languages. He is an eclectic interdisciplinary researcher, both as a theoretical physicist and High Priest working/publishing in over a dozen fields of physics, in addition to philosophy of mind, psychology, medicine, biophysics, defense technologies and theology. Amoroso is director of research at the Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, founding editor of the Noetic Journal and Chairman of the international physics symposium honoring noted mathematical physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier since 1999. He is also an award-winning poet and most recently a writer of science fiction in English and French. His most recent volume – Universal Quantum Computing: Supervening Decoherence, Surmounting Uncertainty has been touted as likely to revolutionize the implementation of Bulk Quantum Computing.