Robert and Suzanne Mays

Near-Death Experiences: The Key to Elucidating the True Nature of Reality

Presentation: Near-death experiences (NDEs) imply that there is a trans-material, transcendent aspect to human beings. NDErs frequently describe a transition between the two realms. We propose that the physical and the transcendent or spiritual realms are both real. From NDE evidence, the transcendent realm interpenetrates and is coextensive with the physical realm and is more fundamental than the physical. There is confirmatory evidence of this view from such death-related phenomena as veridical shared death experiences, veridical after-death communications, veridical mediumship communications and verified cases of reincarnation memories. This view helps elucidate ultimate questions: Who am I? What is the purpose of physical life? Why does a loving God allow suffering and evil to exist?

Bio: Robert G. Mays received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from MIT and worked in software development at Eastman Kodak and later at IBM for more than 30 years, where he achieved the level of Senior Software Engineer. At IBM he specialized in software development process, software quality and software defect prevention. He was a co-recipient of IBM’s first Corporate Quality Award in 1991. After leaving IBM, he taught high school chemistry for several years at different Waldorf schools in the U.S. and is now retired. Yet, he and his wife Suzanne have also studied the phenomena related to near-death experiences (NDEs) together for over 35 years, although neither has had a near-death experience. Their areas of research cover¬†¬† Phenomena connected with near-death experiences (NDEs) and shared-death experiences (SDEs) and their implications for understanding consciousness and neurological function. Additional information can be found on their webpage at