Sperry Andrews


Presentation: What is it like for awareness to be aware of itself? How can consciousness itself be observed from a witness perspective? And how can this be done, not just individually, but in a group? Everything we’re creating in the world is a reflection of who and what we are. Before we can make any significant change in the external world, we first have to change our ‘selves.’ A few easily reproducible exercises show how “The world can live as one.” These group consciousness techniques can reliably focus the attention and intention of a group of incomparably unique individuals to ‘connect’ and perform tasks with a high level of insight and intensity, to create a world that works for everyone. This is a subtle process requiring a deep sense of shared relaxation and the gradual development of ‘effortless concentration.’ Our minds and bodies serve as a lens—as do our eyes and ears—for attending to whatever we choose to notice. Clearly, we seem designed to receive, reflect, and be—whatever we attend to. Those who have experienced these ‘awareness-of-awareness’ exercises report: planetary and/or cosmic consciousness which gradually becomes their new normal; an unmistakable sense of existing in a unity with all people and the whole of nature; healing, both psychological and physical, by doing the work and dealing with chi; two-way telepathy, including collective remote viewing and mind/matter interactions; rapid consensus for decision making as well as problem-solving in families, relationships, communities, politics, and business; and, optimum performance in sports and any type of collaborative activity from symphony orchestras to surgical teams.


Presentation: This presentation will explain how the collective intelligence of humanity can be accessed via a commonly sensed consciousness: 1) the physics and cosmology which support this; 2) our ability to demonstrate this scientifically; and 3) how this can be achieved conceptually and practically, via research, education, films, and social media. Sperry argues that an effective way to view consciousness is as a “superposition” of existence and nonexistence, producing an indivisible experience of “nonlocal being,” plus who and what we perceive ourselves to be (local observers). This dynamic and recreative relationship between the observer-based localization of a nonlocal whole and the internal expansion of our universe is examined, utilizing insights from general relativity and quantum mechanics.

BIO: From a near-death experience at four, and as an experiential scientist since 1983, his background is in physics, neuroscience, philosophy, (para)psychology, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and filmmaking. For over thirty years (through trial and error) he has explored two-way telepathic awareness internationally with hundreds of groups, contributed to original laboratory research in the field of distant mental influence (DMILS), co-authored and published essays on the emergence of self/Self-aware consciousness as wholly integrated with the evolution of space-time, energy, matter, mind and body. As founder/co-director of the Human Connection Institute and advisory board member of the Lifeboat Foundation for global intelligence, he designs and implements educational programs to help shift the separative ‘mind-set’ of humanity. He is currently developing plans for a movie that will cause hundreds of people—at once—to share a life-changing experience of being awake as one. By sensing their greater body, heart, and mind, viewers will be interconnecting with one another.