Teresa A. Yuschok

LIGHTEN UP:  Mind-body-spirit benefits of laughter.

Presentation: Laughter is the best medicine. The physiology of it reduces pain with the release of endorphins, boosts the immune system, lowers stress hormones, and relaxes muscles. The psychology of humor was introduced by Freud in his book, “Jokes and Their Relationship to the Unconscious” describes humor techniques, motives, and unconscious connections. A joke, like a dream, allows repressed subjects to be broached indirectly.  Spiritually, humor can lighten us up, lifting us out of stuck places to another level of consciousness—hope, joy, oneness. Many spiritual teachers, Buddhist monks, Rabbis, Jesus, Rumi, teach with humorous stories and poems. Oh, yes, we shall revel in these.  Is God laughing too?  In conclusion, we will discuss how to add more laughs to lighten your days.

BIO: THERESA A. YUSCHOK, MD, a psychiatrist, is Director of the Mental Health Clinic of the Durham VA Medical Center, Medical Instructor at Duke Department of Psychiatry, and President of the C.G.Jung Society of the Triangle Area of NC. She earned her MD at Northwestern, Psychiatry Residency at Duke, and Academic Graduate of The Psychoanalytic Institute of the Carolinas. Her previous presentations at ASCSI include “Breakdown or Breakthrough,” “The Interior Castle and other Universal Symbols of Soul Growth” and “The Science of Joy.”