Tyler Stevens

The New Age Parapsychologist

Presentation: What is a modern-day parapsychologist? Physicists, Psychics, Psychologists, Independent Researchers, Professors, Authors, or just people who have extraordinary experiences and want to learn more. I would say that in some form or fashion we are all parapsychologists. At some point in our life we have pondered the question what happens when you die? Some take a deeper look at the question and a want to find a way to fully understand what happens. Very few decide to venture out and research the phenomena to become what is now known as a new age parapsychologist. To be classified one I believe there needs to be some specific goals and accomplishments in their career, and Tyler will explore these in his presentation.

Bio: Tyler Stevens is an independent researcher and consultant in the field of parapsychology and consciousness studies. He holds degrees in Social Science (BA) as well as Audio Engineering (AAS) and Video Production (AA). His research is primarily focused on remote viewing, ESP in children, out of body experiences, and extra-terrestrials. He has been an associate of the Rhine Research Center for over 5 years and, in 2016, made the transition to becoming a full-time parapsychologist. His accomplishments in the field include conference presentations for both the Parapsychological Association and the Society for Scientific Exploration, a BIAL Foundation grant, and The Alex Tanous Foundation scholarship. He was also previously the layout editor for the Journal of Parapsychology. His consultation services include media, marketing, and social media assistance to researchers, organizations, and small businesses. His current research can be found at: