Vicki Talbott and Terri Segal

Communicating with Discarnate Loved Ones and Other Non-physical Personalities through Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Presentation: Vicki and Terri’s presentation will focus on communicating with discarnate loved ones and other non-physical personalities through Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), and more specifically through Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). The presenters are members of The Big Circle, a group of researchers and practitioners associated with the Association Transcommunication (AtransC) who communicate across the veil with non-physical personalities, primarily through ITC. Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or instrumental trans-audio communication, a physical mediumship phenomenon, is the occurrence of anomalous messages received through technical means, including analog and digital recorders, computers, televisions and telephones. In this presentation we will focus on one of the founding members of the Big Circle on the other side, Braden Talbott Lindholdt, and his connection with and relationship to Terri Segal’s brother, who crossed 4 years ago.

Bio: Vicki holds an M.A. in Speech Communication/TESOL from the Pennsylvania State University. She is a recently retired college administrator and professor who taught English, Linguistics, and Language Acquisition for over 30 years. She is a physical medium and has had a lifelong interest in afterlife studies which intensified upon the passing of her 20-year-old son, Braden Lindholdt, in 2001. She has been featured in two documentaries, Dan Drasin’s Calling Earth, and Tim Coleman’s Afterlife Investigations. She has published articles in the ASCS Journal and The ITC Journal. She is a member of the Association Transcommunication and the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. She is currently working on a blog, Welcome to Eternity: Messages from the Big Circle and Beyond.

BIO: Terri L Segal, LMFT., ATR is a therapist, a writer, and a visual artist. She has worked for over 16 years with people of all ages in healing grief, loss and abuse. She has published articles in the ASCS Journal and is the author of Never Parted: A Brother’s Loving Teachings from the Afterlife (Ingramspark 2018). The book is based on journal entries and questions asked of her brother through the technique of automatic writing. Never Parted: A Brother’s Loving Teachings from the Afterlife is Ms. Segal’s first book and the true story of her surprising discovery that communication with our deceased loved ones is possible. Her website: