New ASCSI Website


New ASCSI Website

We understand that our website (ascsi.org) is the face & representation of the organization online so in 2019 the Academy is launching a new site. We are looking to completely re-design the look and feel of our website to bring more of a focus to giving our members information and tools they are looking for. For example one of our new pages is a spiritual organizational chart according to practices and topics. We also want to provide our member with valuable researches like the top 10 research centers on consciousness.

The new site covers all aspects of spirituality and human consciousness. We organized a resource library including video presentations, research projects, and important links. The Online Resource Library, which provides resources for researchers, reporters, authors and all those seeking information about the existence, form, and destiny of their spirit selves, can be accessed by clicking on the “Resource Library” button. That will give you access to over 500 links featuring a wealth of information. Please visit our new website, www.ascsi.org, as often as possible as it grows more comprehensive to help grow your knowledge.

If you are not a member of the Academy, please consider joining. It is our goal to contribute as much as we can to the world of spirituality and consciousness.
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