Cindy Lucas

Cindy Lucas


Cindy Lucas has a passion for understanding the links between the arts, sciences and all the world religions.  With over twenty years as an artist creating her own paintings and teaching art to children in a school setting, she shares her enthusiasm of combining understanding of both the arts and sciences.  She has a degree in both zoology and art from Duke University which allows her to utilize both aspects of consciousness combined to add insight with greater perspective.  As a Buddhist, she studies all world religions to understand the common elements.

Cindy resides in Durham, North Carolina where she maintains her art studio and teaches art  to Elementary and Middle School students.

Conference Presentation

Topic:  Sacred Geometry as an Expression of Consciousness

Explore sacred geometry as patterns which illustrate an expression of consciousness. These patterns have been found repeating throughout time and space, through all aspects of reality, and are seen repeatedly in nature, music, art, mathematics, architecture, and science. Sacred Geometry is “spatial proportion” representing patterns, each with frequency and meaning to the human soul.  It is a universal, inter-dimensional language of the universe and the highest language of the mind as it reflects the fractal and holographic nature of consciousness.  This awareness and understanding of these beautifully repeating ratios, intervals, shapes, and sounds can help us to form a bridge between the divine and our day to day perception of reality.