Dale Graff

Dale Graff



Dale E. Graff is a retired aerospace engineer/physicist who worked for the intelligence community at the Air Force Foreign Technology Division and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Key assignments were Chief of the Advanced Concepts Office and Chief/Director of the Stargate remote viewing unit at Ft. Meade, MD. He coined the term, Stargate to represent an innovative effort for expanding human potential.

Currently, he facilitates seminars, workshops and pursues independent research on psi phenomenaESP, remote viewing and precognitive dreaming. His published books Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and River Dreams focus on psi as a natural and holistic aspect of our subconscious mind. www.dalegraff.com

Conference Presentation

Topic: Cosmic Consciousness: Time and the Future

A consideration of the nature of time from a theological, cultural, scientific and transcendent perspective, including premonitions, the illusion of passing time, and time travel. Many people experience glimpses of unpredictable future events through intuitions and dreams. These experiences, research results with future objectives including photographs in future news articles, illustrate that some aspects of the future can be known.  Two precognitive incidents, a Boeing 767 crash in Texas and the Boeing 737 Max crash in Ethiopia are reviewed, along with other advanced warnings of emerging situations and disasters.” We will consider the history of time from ancient concepts of the beginning of the universe, the illusion of passing time, premonitions, and time travel.