Dr. James Biechler

Dr. James Biechler


Professor Beichler has been teaching Physics, Mathematics, the History and Philosophy of Science and European History as well as other related subjects at the university and college level for more than four decades. He was laid off ten years ago due to position cutbacks and forced into retirement in 2008, but still hopes soon to begin teaching new graduate-level programs in some forum in the near future. He would also like to start teaching courses on his single field theory (SOFT) to physics graduate students, so they can prepare themselves and the world for the changes that are coming. He earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Paraphysics in 1999 from the Union Institute and University. He has and is continuing to conduct theoretical research in Cosmology to explain Dark Matter and Dark Energy within the context of a completed version of Einstein’s unified field theory, in Physics to explain the nature of life, mind, consciousness (the neural correlates of consciousness and physics of the neural net) and matter. He has developed a new physical model of particles and the atom based on quantized space-time curvature.

Conference Presentation

Topic:  Spirituality, Higher Consciousness and Hyperspace: The Final Frontier

Any physical or realistic scientific theory of consciousness requires four different fundamental elements: (1) Unification of physics; (2) A new theory of physical evolution; (3) Precise physical definitions of life, mind and consciousness; and, (4) A complete physics of the brain. When these four are finished, a complete and comprehensive model of physical reality emerges which is not only amenable to consciousness but requires consciousness to evolve. Consciousness is therefore a fundamental part of living organisms and beings as well as the universe that extends beyond the three-dimensions of normal experiential space but becomes higher consciousness as the four-dimensional extension of our being into an embedding hyperspace. The existence of this fourth dimension of space is necessary to give a complete explanation of the simple principles of matter and ‘matter in motion’ on which the science of physics is ultimately based. Without the fourth dimension of space, our universe could not exist as we experience it.