Dr. Theresa Yuschok

Dr. Theresa Yuschok

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Theresa A. Yuschok earned her MD/BS from Northwestern University, completed Psychiatry Residency at Duke, and graduated as Academic Associate of the Psychoanalytic Institute of the Carolinas. As a medical student, she did a clerkship with Bernie Siegel at Yale. Also, she studied comedy writing with Danny Simon and stand-up comedy with Rog Bates. Currently, she serves as President, C.G. Jung Society of the Triangle Area, is married to Lee S. Lawrence,  and has a private psychotherapy practice in Chapel Hill, NC.

Conference Presentation

Topic:  Laughter and Health: Research Review

“Laughter is the best medicine.” What research evidence proves or disproves this old adage?  If laughter does improve health and lengthen lives, how does it do this? This lecture examines laughter’s effect on decreased stress hormones, increased endorphins, strengthened immune function, reduced inflammation and increased social bonds. Also, practical steps will be suggested to increase laughter in daily life.