Lee Lawrence

Lee Lawrence



Lee Lawrence has developed techniques that demonstrate beyond any doubt that the human soul or spirit exists and explains the soul’s structure and its functions. After twenty years of experimenting and utilizing the process to read people’s souls, many of the answers to life’s most perplexing questions were revealed.

In this conference presentation, Lee will demonstrate a technique that reads the components of the human soul, much the way x-rays read bones. It bypasses the critical mind and shows the experiences stored in the soul that generate personality patterns and cognitive processing. It opens the door to reveal the emotional subconscious mind.  He does in a few minutes without a subject saying anything, what depth psychology seeks to understand with many hours of talk therapy.  His explanations on how and where memories are stored, processed and retrieved are beyond modern science’s understanding. These theories are proven by his profound demonstrations.

While this presentation does not promote religion, Lee’s demonstration bridges the gap between science and religion by demonstrating universal Truths common to all religions. The Truths add insight and understanding to whatever spiritual path a person has chosen, bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

Lee was a Tax Law Professor, Certified Public Accountant, Litigation Consultant, and business entrepreneur prior to a death experience from meningitis that changed his life and perception of reality in 1988.  He subsequently changed his career path by obtaining a degree in psychology and performing neuroscience research for over twenty years as a tool to understand human consciousness.

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