Margaret Tucker

Margaret Tucker


As a child, Margaret Tucker was taught ecumenical healing methods by her family. She has used her talents throughout her life. Since 1992 she has been a licensed art therapist and psychotherapist. She has presented at major conferences in the U.S. and in Europe.

*2012-17 at Alexian Brothers Hospital organized The Mindfulness Dialogues and presented workshops to educate clinical and medical professionals in Illinois. Presented mindfulness training public lectures for the community.
*2004-2015 engaged in extensive public speaking including a national conference for school psychologists, major DCFS and Chicago Board of Education conferences, numerous workshops for DCFS workers, agency clinicians, therapists, school teachers, and the public. Material included life practices and techniques for whole health and mindfulness.
*2015 Awarded Chairman of The Council Grove International Conference on Consciousness. For this 5-day invitational conference organized program, invited speakers. The chosen theme was “Oneness: The Tapestry of Consciousness”. As the speaker addressed neurophysiology and life practices for integration of mind/body/spirit and for expansive consciousness.

Conference Presentation

Topic:  Evolving The Self to Oneness”

The presentation will cover the neurophysiology and physics of energetic transduction and connectedness for the human system. Basic practices for personal use and to facilitate healing will be taught. The seminar will focus on these practices and exercises.