Paul Davids

Paul Davids


In his younger years, Paul transitioned from being a pre-med undergraduate at Princeton University to becoming one of the first 15 graduate Fellows at the prestigious American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies in Los Angeles. Paul has produced and/or directed over 10 feature films, 5 of which were released to television internationally by NBCUniversal. His films include the very popular Showtime original movie: “Roswell” starring Kyle MacLachlan, Martin Sheen and Dwight Yoakam. Later distributed as “Roswell: The UFO Coverup” for its video and DVD release, it was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Motion Picture for Television by the Hollywood Foreign Press. He was also production coordinator for 79 episodes of “The Transformers” original animated episodes at Marvel Productions (where he worked with Stan Lee, creator of “Spiderman”) and Paul is the author of over 20 books (including 6 of the “Star Wars” sequel books for Lucasfilm). Paul is best known in the field of life after death studies for his production of “The Life After Death Project,” two feature length documentaries (the first of which aired on Syfy, and the second is now streaming on Amazon Prime). He also co-authored the book “An Atheist in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Life After Death?” He has given presentations on the life after death subject for Idea City in Toronto, twice for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, for Fortfest in Maryland (a conference devoted to Fortean phenomena), and about 5 years ago presented at ASCSI in Phoenix.

Conference Presentation

Topic:  Motion Pictures and Consciousness: A Filmmaker’s Personal Journey into Otherworldly Experiences

Paul Davids’ personal journey includes mind-boggling incidents that seem to defy scientific understanding. Thus, he became the filmmaker of motion pictures that go to the heart of why ASCSI was founded: after-death communication, apparent miracles, the paranormal, shamanism, spirits, UFO’s and even Marian apparitions and Biblical mysteries. A presentation that promises to be a paranormal roller coaster ride.