Vincent Genna MSW

Vincent Genna MSW

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In 1983 Vincent experienced a series of profound spiritual and paranormal events that resulted in him acquiring unexpected supernatural gifts and a new destiny and mission in life—to help heal humankind and the world.

From that point on, Vincent began to study and conduct research in the metaphysical, spiritual, and parapsychology fields. He became deeply involved with organizations as the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Rhine Institute, along with many others.

Now, as a Psychic Therapist, Vincent uses his more than 36 years of training, research, and experience in the Metaphysical, Psychology, and Spiritual fields to dive deep into your psyche to release blockages, resistances, and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors so you can fulfill the life of your dreams.

Thousands of followers around the world have been inspired by Vincent’s warm and genuine keynote presentations on self-love and self-mastery for notable organizations such as the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research Enlightenment, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the International Association of Near-Death Studies, and the Afterlife Research Education Institute, as well as his numerous interviews on Unity Radio, Hay House Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Gaia TV, the Hallmark Channel, Beyond Reality TV, celebrity podcasts and vlogs, and other ABC, CBS, and NBC shows. He is also a beloved speaker at various Unity Centers, Centers for Spiritual Living, Spiritualist Churches, and spiritual centers throughout the country. Currently, Vincent can be heard hosting his own weekly radio show called Stop Stopping Yourself! on Unity Online Radio.

Vincent currently teaches all levels of psychic and mediumship skills, including communicating with animals. Participants with no level of experience to professional practitioners have all gained profound and remarkable skill improvement from his unique techniques and teaching talent.

Conference Presentation

Topic:  Close Encounters of the Psychic Kind!

We have heard stories, read articles, and watched television documentaries and shows about UFOs and alien contact for many years now. There are reported sightings almost every day all around the world. There are very credible claims like those of William Tompkins who claimed to have been selected by extraterrestrials to receive aerospace engineering knowledge. Then there are those proven to be delusional or hoax perpetrators who claimed they were abducted and brought to Mars or somewhere else celestial to converse with aliens.

According to astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek, there are seven types of close encounters. The fifth is actual “bilateral contact experiences through conscious, voluntary, and proactive human-initiated cooperative communication.” But what if the bilateral communication is telepathic and alien-initiated? According to Vincent, that is close encounters of the “psychic” kind, which is exactly what he experienced only a few years ago.

A self-proclaimed “spirit-council” of extraterrestrials began a telepathic communication dialogue with Vincent during one of his deep meditations that was completely unexpected, uninitiated, alarming, but very profound! They explained they connected with Vincent due to his integrity for the truth and his influence on the human population.

Psychic communication without visual evidence is very difficult to validate, but Vincent was able to authenticate the information he received from these communications. During his talk, Vincent will share the council communicated with him—when aliens first began visiting our planet, who they are, why they come here, and how they are able to navigate and transverse many universes.